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Do you currently use ARAMS, CTS online or eAML2 to notify livestock births and movements.

We need your help. We are working with Government and industry to build the new replacement multi-species livestock movement service for you, with you. We also want to work with those of you who may not use online services now.

If you are a livestock Farmer, small holder, abattoir administrator or haulier or work in Markets, we want to hear from you. You can give as much or as little of your time as you can afford, opt in or out at any time.

If you would like to get involved, please email to find out more.

Important Notice

Due to the impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic. There may be slight delays in the resolution of email queries sent to us. You may also experience slightly longer than usual waiting times on the phone lines. We ask that if the line is engaged, that you try again after a short period.

Annual Inventory

You should receive your sheep and goat annual inventory forms in the post along with a pre-paid envelope or via email from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) at the end of November. You must complete and return your inventory to Defra by 31 December. Failure to do this may increase your risk of a Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) inspection.

If you have not received an inventory then please call the Defra Farm Surveys helpline on 03000 600 140 or email . The onus is on you to request a form.

Northampton PO Box

Important Notice: Due to our office relocation last year, our Northampton PO Box has a redirection in place. However, to ensure that we receive your movement documents, please use the following address:

PO Box 6299
Milton Keynes
MK10 1ZQ

Important Notice

All English SOAs have now all been closed. Standstill must be observed following all livestock moves between different CPHs unless other exemptions apply.

All Temporary CPHs allocated before August 2016 (i.e. those ending 6500-6999) have now all been closed. You must not use one of these CPH numbers to report livestock moves.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the above please contact the APHA on 03000 200 301

Animal Reporting and Movement Service

Welcome to the Animal Reporting and Movement Service (ARAMS) website which provides details in relation to movement reporting for sheep, goats and deer within England.

On the 1st April 2014 a new electronic movement reporting system was launched by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

The new Animal Reporting & Movement Service (ARAMS) is provided by Capita Customer Solutions from their Milton Keynes office. The ARAMS system takes over the processing of sheep/goat/deer movements from each Local Authority in England.

This website contains information for the various industry stakeholders as to how they can interact with the new ARAMS system. Information documents are available for farmers, markets, abattoirs, shows, collection centres and assembly centres. Please see our ‘Guidance’ tab above for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to each of these stakeholders.

The ARAMS system went live on 1st April 2014 allowing farmers to report their sheep / goat / deer movements electronically if they wish. User Guides, for each of the web portals, are also available under the ‘Guidance’ tab.

Register for ARAMS Account

Please click here to register for an ARAMS account.

Markets / Abattoirs / Collection & Assembly Centres
Please note that if you are a market / abattoir / CC / AC with a back-office IT system, you should not register for an ARAMS portal. Instead, when registering for ARAMS, please select Package User under the 'Access Type' heading. Once you have been issued with your Username and Password, please provide this to your back-office IT system. Your IT provider will then use this username and password to link your IT system with ARAMS directly.

Farmers with a Farm Management Package
Capita Customer Solutions have provided documentation to each Farm Management Package provider explaining how their farm package could interface with ARAMS. If you have a Farm Management Package, it is important that you first check with your provider if they are interfacing with ARAMS (as not all providers will decide to interface with ARAMS). If they are interfacing with ARAMS, and have finalised their testing, then a farmer (with a Farm Management Package) should register for an ARAMS Username and Password. They can do this by selecting Package User under the 'Access Type' heading on the Registration page. Do not select the Portal option. Once you have registered you will then be able to access your farm management package using the log-in details you created during registration.

Please note:
As a Farm Management Package user you also have full access to the Farmers Portal.

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